CES 2018 -Day 3 - A Non-techie Perspective


Now that I’ve spent two days feeling completely overwhelmed by everything around me, things are beginning to make sense as themes are emerging as to what CES is really about. Yes, it is about the glitz and hype, making deals, and displaying the latest and greatest. But it is so much more. At its core, CES is about connecting:

  • Connecting people to share and learn from one another.
  • Connecting our “things” like cars and appliances so they do more while we spend our time doing other things.
  • Connecting tiny start ups with big ideas to the rest of the tech world.
  • Connecting a global community of very diverse people.

 Now for my observations from Day 3:

  • A company, Psychasec, touted a medical advance where they are able to download brains into a new prefab body. See the possibility - live forever, be taller, smaller, thinner... The exhibit was complete with “sample bodies" to choose from. It was hoax and really a marketing ploy to promote a new Netflix show. Some attendees I observed seemed to be buying it. Scary.
  • There were a lot of robot manufacturers in attendance displaying their latest technology. I, for one, wasn’t very impressed as it appeared to me to be not much more than a laptop masquerading in a robot body. I thought the Star Wars warrior robot was the best.
  • There were a large number of chair and foot massage makers in attendance. Sales were pretty brisk as people got to demo the chairs after walking 10 miles across the convention floors. Great opportunistic marketing. BTW, I bought a back massager.
  • Self driving cars were by far the most exciting technology at CES. Having said this, I am jazzed by cars where dashboard displays and side and rearview mirrors are replaced by virtual reality technology that displays everything right on your windshield.
  • Speaking of self driving cars, there was a person-less motorcycle on display. If I had one of those coming at me, I am not sure what I would do.
  • You’ve gone to a 3-D movie where you put on the 3-D glasses, right? It looks okay but the technology is not over-the-top impressive. I demoed a 3-D movie where the graininess was gone and what was coming at me was really coming at me. It was awesome and so real.
  • There were many apps for elderly to keep them safe and provide helpful companionship. My only concern is that they will not embrace it.

That is all for now. Talk with you tomorrow.