My Perspective on Life Coaching.

Life coaching is a co-equal relationship between me and a client where I help them reach a goal or make a change in their life. I help them get out of their head and start taking action in the areas of their life that they wish to change. As their coach, I ask questions that help them evaluate and decide which steps to take in order to reach their goal or make an important change. I play the important roles of motivator, strategist and accountability partner. My goal is to help them reach their goal in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible. I am more than just a counselor or consultant, I am right there with my client through the achievement process from the beginning to the end, from the planning stage all the way through the execution stages.

How Can I help You as Your Life Coach?

  • Motivator

    I will be a source of motivation and inspiration that gives you the push you need to reach your full potential. You might hire me for similar reasons that you would hire a personal trainer for. You may already be fit, but have specific goals that need more guidance and pushing to in order to accomplish them, or maybe you are overweight or feeling sluggish and know you need motivation and encouragement from outside of yourself to make a significant change. I am like a personal trainer for your life goals. I have the professional training and mindset that is needed to coach you towards your dream life. I am with you every step of the way, helping you find ways to stay on track and motivated to accomplish those goals and so much more.


  • Strategist
  • Effective strategizing is something I am really good at helping you with. One of the first things I do when I meet with you is to ask specific questions about what you want to accomplish and help re-focus your thinking to make sure you’re going about it in an effective and meaningful way. Part of what I do as your coach is helping you reach your goals quicker and with less effort. Efficiency is key to keeping momentum up and creating lasting changes.


  • Accountability Partner

    I will keep you accountable for reaching your goals and making positive changes. I will maintain contact and make sure to check in with you throughout the process to make sure you are progressing and keeping your momentum up. I will not just let your dream fizzle without saying anything about it. I will hold you accountable to what you said you will do, and because of that you will be more motivated to keep progressing toward your goal in order to show me what you have accomplished. I will help you through the road blocks along the way; give you the push you need when you’re stuck in a rut, cheer for you when you meet your goals and then challenge you to get out there and conquer even more goals.


  • Help You Identify Goals

    Identifying your goals is one of the hardest things you do when you’re trying to make a change and get started on something new. I can help you interpret your dreams and ideas, and organize them into tangible goals. I can help you to connect what your head is saying and what your heart is saying to find some agreement between the two that point toward your passions. Identifying, redirecting and managing goals to make them more realistic are what life coaches do best. You may have an idea of what you want but are having a hard time making it into a solid goal that you can work toward. Or you may think you have a solid goal but then you begin to realize that it isn’t what you want or it is less doable than you thought. This is where I come in and help you reevaluate those ideas and goals in order to turn them into “smart goals” that encourage real life change and forward motion.


  • Help You Achieve Your Goals

    I help you to accomplish your goals, make new changes, and live your dreams. As your coach, I help you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go. In other words, my job is to help you get from Point A to Point B in your life, whatever that may be for you. I will support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable for achieving your vision for yourself. Whatever it is that you want in your life, I will help you get there.


  • Guide You Through Changes and Obstacles
  • I help you to move your life forward and to find fulfillment, success, well-being and happiness. I can help you to pinpoint the blocks or obstacles that are making you feel “stuck” and help you to move through them.


  • Give You Permission to Follow Your Dreams
  • You may be searching for validation and approval before you truly feel justified in taking that big first step towards following your dreams or reaching your goals. The advice and feedback from family and friends can be helpful but it isn’t professional, and rarely is it unbiased. As your coach, I am someone who is separate from your personal life and can truly look at your ideas and goals objectively, and therefore am much more capable of giving you the right validation that you need to get started on making your big move.


  • Teach You How to Make the Right Decisions for Yourself
  • You may be searching for validation and approval before you truly feel justified in taking that big first step towards following your dreams or reaching your goals. The advice and feedback from family and friends can be helpful but it isn’t professional, and rarely is it unbiased. As your coach, I am someone who is separate from your personal life and can truly look at your ideas and goals objectively, and therefore am much more capable of giving you the right validation that you need to get started on making your big move.


  • Give You Permission to Follow Your Dreams
  • When you seek out a life coach, it usually means you need help making a decision. The decision might be which goal to prioritize, what step to take first, or to find out if you should even pursue that goal in the first place. One of the best things that l do is to equip you with methods and tactics that will help you make the right decisions for yourself and your future. I will walk you through these processes regarding whatever you are working towards, and eventually you will start developing that problem solving mindset that they are working on with you. This mindset will start to work its way into your everyday life and change how you make decisions on a daily basis because it simply makes sense.


  • What I will Not Do?
  • I will not tell you what to do. I will try and help you find what feels right for you by helping you reveal the answers to yourself through discussion, suggestions, brainstorming and reflection.


Why You might consider hiring a coach

1. Your confidence is not where you want it to be

Everyone is wearing their battle scars, and the difference between those who are happy and sad are the ones who have learned to let pain go. I can’t tell you how many clients hold onto their pain, much like holding a beach ball under the ocean… Exhausting. They can push it down, but grief, trauma or sadness have their ways of creeping up on you, and that means truly facing your battle wounds with the support of a personal development professional. As a coach, I’ve learned firsthand that the only way out of pain is through it. A talented professional coach will know how to guide you through your pain and memories in a way that helps you heal and let go.

2. You lack a clear vision… Or your vision is so big you’re overwhelmed.

You may have some general ideas on what you want—to start a business, to help people, to be more authentic in your career— but you are not clear on the specifics, nor do you know how to get there. A life coach can help you sort through your thinking and put the steps in place to create a plan and to begin moving forward.

3. Your patterns are not supporting your goals.

You are clear about where you want to be, but you continue to make self-destructive decisions that keep you tied to your bad habits. You lack the true commitment to really making your dreams a reality and you don’t know how to get on the right track. A life coach can help you work through the feeling of being overwhelmed. A good coach will help you clear blocks and reach levels of personal commitment and growth you’ve never accessed within yourself.

4. You’re irritable.

Are you often in a state of reaction? This can manifest in a number of ways. Perhaps you have frequent road rage, or you turn into a light version of Sybil from The Exorcist when you’re fighting with your boyfriend. Deep down you’re wondering: Why do I fight so hard? And you often find yourself feeling guilty for the way you react.

5. You’re in a huge transition.

Whether you’re looking to make a huge career change, or you’re facing a significant life transition, it’s no secret you’ll burn your friends and family out if you treat them like therapists. Transitions bring up stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, all of which have the tendency to set us on edge and make us feel as though we need to talk things through…over and over again. This is a great time to seek out the support you need to seamlessly and effectively transition into your next steps of life with positivity.

6. You’re craving more purpose.

You may be having huge success in your career, yet you still feel unfulfilled. A life coach can help you explore the source of you discontent.

Finding the right coach for you

Working with the right coach can have a profound impact both on your success and fulfillment. Given the significant commitment of money and time that a coach would require from you, it would be in your interest to spend some quality time on selecting the right coach. I am committed to helping you select the right coach for your needs. You might want to consider the following criteria in your selection process.

  • Interview several and have sample sessions. You want to make sure you have a rapport with your coach and can have the basis for respect and trust. Ask for a sample session. Ask for references. And at the end, trust your "gut" feeling in this process.
  • Know what you want in a coach. Do you have a male or female, or age preference for your coach? Are there specific personal styles that you are drawn to? To the extent you can articulate clearly what you are looking for, you can find your match faster.
  • Know what you need. Coaching is not therapy. Make sure you understand the difference between the two and are really seeking the right venue for your needs.

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My Perspective on Leadership Coaching

In March of 2017, I presented a talk on 21st century leadership trends to a group of professional engineers. While researching the topic, I was struck by the gap between 21st Century complexity demands of leaders and the outdated but widely used leadership development tools. The use of high potential programs, corporate universities, and off-site training, while good and effective, are insufficient by themselves in today’s world. Top-down, one-dimensional leadership models are hopelessly outmoded in today's rapidly changing world and new leadership development interventions are necessary. In today’s challenging business environment, partnering with a certified coach is one intervention that provides a sustaining and powerful way to develop leadership capability in people.

The use of executive coaching, while not entirely new to the business world, has gone through a seismic shift in the last 20 years. In the past, being assigned a coach was an “Uh-oh” moment that signaled something was wrong with you and needed to be “fixed.” Most coaches at the time deployed a one-dimensional process where issues were identified and behavioral fixes were presented, practiced, and hopefully, assimilated over time. It typically resulted in incremental improvements that justified the investment but were not extraordinary, and many cases, sustainable. This kind of leadership coaching still exist today but, in my view,  is not what is needed for today’s leaders.

My approach as your coach is that you, as my client, are a whole and resourceful leader who brings much to the game. In fact, you have everything you need to be successful. Despite this, you want to become an even better leader, breaking through to even higher levels of performance and resonance. As your coach, I will work with every dimension of your life– your professional and personal aspirations, your values, drivers, and yes, your limitations, blind spots and roadblocks. Taken together, the outcomes we strive for are neither incremental or small but in the realm of stretching you, your team, and your organization to new possibilities.

How I can help as your Coach?

  • ​​​​​Achieve hard results – Coaching is not a fluffy, feel good exercise. It is about greater productivity, agility, impact and profits. As your coach, we will play on the field, addressing your organization’s challenges and opportunities. Our work will be steeped in your work in real and pragmatic ways.
  • Deeper learnings – You will learn new aspects about yourself, how you're perceived, where you can improve, have a greater impact, and be happier.
  • Faster action – We will advance things faster and with greater precision.
  • Space to hear your own voice – In the chaos and urgency of now, our inner thoughts and ideas get muted and diminished. We will create space to talk about what is important and gain perspective and direction from it.
  • Work on blind spots – Together, we will have the courage to explore perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back.
  • Take risk – I will encourage to "lean in" to your discomfort, and make bold moves that move the organization forward.
  • Create your unique leadership model – You will get clear about your values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction, alignment, and outcomes.
  • Thought partner and confidant – I will provide emotional support, empathy, and encouragement to have the conversations that you can’t have with anyone else.
  • Truthteller – I will tell you the cold truth others won't tell you.
  • Development Growth – I will provide support for improving specific skills - communication, delegation, conflict.

 If you would like to learn more about how I can help you or am member of your team achieve greater results and work satisfaction, please contact me below to schedule a meeting.

My Perspective on Team Coaching

As a team coach, my objective is to develop the ability of your team to work together to achieve results and help make full, coordinated use of their collective resources in building relationships, communicating and accomplishing the work.

 In most companies today, work does not get done without building relationships. In order to achieve the mission and align with organizational intentions, it is important for leaders to be able to work within and across functional teams. As your team coach, I help move the team forward to produce more effective results through individual and team development. We zero in on the weak connections that exist with others in the organization and develop strategies to strengthen trust and what I refer to as relatedness.

 Teams are a necessary part of the work environment and having coaches for the teams results in dramatic outcomes as those teams realize their goals. My job is to support your team to reach goals in a timely fashion while leaders on the team are developing their skills. The learnings are taken and applied back on the job to achieve team objectives and meet organizational goals. My goal is to have these new learning translate into positive behaviors that sustain themselves long after our work together ends.


How I can help as your Team Coach?

  • Getting clarity about purpose. First, make sure everyone involved knows the group’s common purpose and expected results from their work as a team. Clear agreements regarding intent will likely prevent individual members from getting off course.
  • Create a safe, confidential environment. To create a healthy environment for the exchange of ideas, follow basic coaching rules: keep confidences, allow everyone to be heard, clarify action steps, and set up accountability measures.
  • Build relatedness within team and with key stakeholders. Study after study concludes that trust is the most important variable impacting team effectiveness and a company’s success. We will examine the level of trust both within the team and between the team and key stakeholders and act on areas of opportunity.
  • Track participation. Pay close attention to each individual’s participation. As I say and believe, “No one of us is as smart as all of us.” To ensure all voices are heard, I encourage input from more reserved participants by asking their opinion. Also, I will reel in more assertive team members if they begin to monopolize the discussion.
  • Improve performance. The bottom line is improved productivity and impact to justify your investment in a team coach. I guarantee that the performance of your team will improve as the learning and new behaviors become ingrained and trust grows.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help your team achieve greater results and work satisfaction, please contact me below to schedule a meeting.

Organizational Development Assessment Tools

What assessments do we use?

Life Oak Leadership partners with Management Resource Group (MRG), one of the most respected and reputable assessment companies in the world. MRG was launched in 1983 in Portland, Maine. Their founders were psychologists and Human Resources Development experts who believed in a more scientific approach to assessment and feedback for people in organizations. In the earliest stages of the company’s history, the role of management and leadership was evolving in organizations worldwide, becoming a richer and more complex concept than ever before. MRG studied thousands of people in management, leadership, and sales roles.

Their ongoing research and experience working with people around the world has led to even greater ideas about how assessment can enhance the power of insight and contribute to success in the world of business. MRG products and research reflect sound scientific principles and keen business awareness. In addition, they have authentic value in the realm of human spirit and potential, where the possibilities are endless.