I am passionate about being a coach to leaders who are committed to lifelong learning in service of achieving personal and organizational success, and contributing to their larger life's purpose. 


Leadership Coaching

There is nothing more important in an organization than its leadership. Leaders create vision, inspire people, and guide meaningful action. I partner with my clients to help them see in new, clear and powerful ways. I can do this for you.

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Life Coaching

Partnering with me as your life coach taps new energy and inner resources that will make a profound, measurable difference in your life. I guarantee it.

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Leadership Retreats

Customized retreats to renew and rejuvenate participants’ mental, physical and emotional energy as leaders and tackle nagging business dilemmas or opportunities critical to their business success.

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HR Executive Consulting

Maybe your organization simply isn’t big enough – or has the financial means – to need a full-time senior Human Resources executive. But you have needs now that can’t be put off. I can address those needs as a retained HR Executive for your company.

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B.P. Founder and CEO, Bay Area Software Company

I was lucky to have Bob coach me through a major career transition. The service he provides felt tailor made to help me both understand and evaluate my situation, and plan for my new future. He has a unique ability to guide and question in a way that allowed me to figure things out on my own and in my own time, and give myself permission to listen to my own instincts. He provided great structure, including several useful exercises, that ignited my thought process. I also appreciated his connecting my personal life with my career goals, pushing for happiness on all levels. I would use his services again and definitely recommend him to everyone!

K.S. Voice Talent / Actor / Writer

Bob has consistently provided me with two critically important things that have been invaluable to my journey: clarity & perspective. Whether the issue has been personal or professional, he's been a terrific resource with an uncanny ability to focus the conversation on the core issues when I've been "stuck". In fact, Bob could probably market himself as a coach, partner and "lumberjack"; he's certainly broken up more than one "logjam" for me."


Are you a networking hater?

Are you a networking hater?   If you are like the majority of the population, “networking” feels a lot like public speaking. Despite 30-second elevator pitch training, people seem ...

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The Confidence Conundrum

The Confidence Conundrum By Bob Stapleton Last Thursday, I presented to the NC Project Management Institute on the topic of effective job interviewing. The title of my presentation was “Never ...

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Listening It seems so obvious that listening would be one of the primary coaching contexts. In fact, we say that coaching happens in the context of a very particular kind of listening. In Co-active® ...

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Cooperation and Consensus

Cooperation and Seeking Consensus – Are these Important Leadership Competencies?  Leaders typically are comfortable being at the head of the table and calling the shots.  They have a ...

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